What is BioFuel?

Biodiesel works in the same way as normal diesel which you buy at the pump – in fact the diesel which you buy at the pump will probably have at least 5% biodiesel mixed in

Using biodiesel made from Waste Vegetable Oils is one of the greenest ways to power your diesel engines as you are using a fuel made from waste. Proper Oils refines 100% of the biodiesel produced from the Waste Vegetable Oil which we collect.

What are the benefits of using BioFuel?

  • Minimises your Carbon emissions – as your fuel is made from “waste” oil.
  • Reduces harmful emissions which improves air quality.

As Proper Oils refines the Used Oil into fuel locally, the carbon savings are maximised.

How does it work?

The Waste Cooking Oil (WCO) is refined into biodiesel by a process called trans-esterification – which changes the molecular structure so that it behaves like mineral diesel refined from hydrocarbon oils. To use biodiesel, you do NOT need to modify your vehicle – you use it as you would use normal diesel fuel.

Find out here how Proper Oils uses biodiesel

Who is using it?

Richmond Council run the majority of their fleet on 100% biodiesel made exclusively from Waste Cooking Oil – Proper Oils is a named supplier of biodiesel to the council.

How much does it cost?

  • Three different priced fuels are sold. The price is different depending on what you intend using the Biodiesel for:
  • Road Use – It can be delivered to you for a similar price as you buy regular diesel – with the sustainability benefits of using renewable fuel as a free added extra!
  • Off Road Use – This is taxed at a different rate, so is a lower price than biodiesel for road use.
  • Heating Oil – Biodiesel can be used as heating oil in your heating system, in the same way as you use regular diesel. Again, this is taxed at a lower rate, so it is sold to you for a slightly lower price.

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