How We Collect Your Used Cooking Oil

You can choose to have your Waste Cooking Oil collected in:

The container in which you bought the new oil…

Proper Oils will collect Used Vegetable Oil and Animal Fats in:

  • 20 litre containers – made out of tin or plastic covered with a cardboard sleeve.
  • 15 litre containers – made out of tin.

This is popular as it means the containers don’t have to be disposed of separately – even when full, the containers can still be moved around easily.

A container supplied by Proper Oils…

Proper Oils can supply a variety of different sized open-lidded, larger containers to store vegetable oil, palm oil, or animal fats. These containers are swapped over each time your oil is collected, and you can choose the best size to suit your storage requirements. These include (in order of most popular):

  • 60 litre barrels – measuring 60cm tall x 40cm diameter – which are supplied with a lid and handles on each side of the barrel. These are popular as they take up minimal space in relation to volume, can be stored securely, not too heavy to be moved, and can be stored one on top of the other if required
  • 120-150 litre barrels – measuring 85cm x 50cm or 95cm x 55cm – supplied with a lid and used for larger quantities of oil
  • 30 litre containers –measuring 50cm tall x 30cm diameter – are used to store smaller quantities of oil and/or if access is difficult e.g. via steps / stairs
  • 15 litre sealable buckets – measuring approximately 30cm high x 30cm across – usually used to store animal fats and keep them separate from the vegetable oil, or to store oil for caterers who buy their oil in smaller 3-5l containers

For larger users…

Proper Oils can also supply:

  • 1000 litre IBC tanks – base measuring 120cm x 100cm, and the height of 110cm, with a 15cm opening in the middle of the tank – which are supplied on a pallet and can be lifted & moved around using a Fork Lift Truck
  • 220 litre opened topped containers – measuring 90cm tall x 60cm diameter – can be used where access is good and the barrel is stored on concrete

All the containers which Proper Oils supplies are reused – they are washed out after use, and supplied clean for refilling with Waste Cooking Oil.