Proper Oils Vegetable Oil Delivery Service

Want your new cooking oil delivered at the same time as your used cooking is collected?

Lots of our customers have chosen this service so they can receive Proper Oils top quality service for both collection of used cooking oil and delivery of their new cooking oil. How does it work?


You can either set up a regular order for the same type and quantity of oil for each delivery. Simple. If you need to change the order simply call us 24 hours before delivery. Alternatively, Proper Oils will give you a call to confirm how many tins of oil you require the day before delivery.


Vegetable Oil Deliveries are done at the same time as your waste cooking oil is collected – usually weekly, fortnightly, or every four weeks – depending on how much oil you use and how much storage you have. Don’t worry if you need a service more regularly – we deliver new oil and collect dirty oil from one customer 3 times every week.

Payment and Prices

Payment can be done at collection, or you can apply for a credit facility. Depending on the quantities and quality of oil delivered & collected – we can usually offer you a discount on our vegetable oil prices.

We source all our cooking oil from KTC who are the largest private manufacture and distributor of oils and fats in Britian.

Our customers prefer the quality and consistency of their oil and so we are happy to supply it. It is supplied in branded tins so you can be sure of its provenance.

Proper Oils supplies the oil in tins as customers have told us they prefer tins rather than bag in box plastic as its easier to handle and to put the used oil back into.

Type of Vegetable Oil

You can choose from non-GM Rapeseed Oil, Vegetable Oil, or a Pomace blend. Or if you have any special requirements eg organic vegetable oils, we can also source these for you

What’s Next

Simply get in touch with Proper Oils for a quote either via our get a quote page, or email, or call 020 8894 9476.