Month: May 2017

6 tips for your used cooking oil collections when you have very little storage space

professional cooks slicing lemons and peppers

Some chefs and caterers we work with have a very specific problem – a shortage of storage space for their waste cooking oil.

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5 ways to store large volumes of waste cooking oil

plates in a professional kitchen

For some caterers, a couple of barrels just doesn’t cut it in the used cooking oil storage stakes. If you need to store a large quantity of used cooking oil, here’s how we can help you

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6 things to think about before you choose your used cooking oil storage containers for your professional kitchen

Cooking Oil Barrel and Bin Sizes

If your work requires you to manage the used cooking oil created in a professional kitchen, you may find this guide of interest.

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How much is used cooking oil?

Photo of drops of cooking oil

The price of used cooking oil has gone down significantly, and is still going down. It means Proper Oils also has to look at its costs to ensure we can continue to provide our customers with a top quality, sustainable, oil collection service.

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