6 problems you may have with your used cooking oil storage – and how to fix them

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On our used oil collection runs around London and Southern England, we often hear from chefs and catering managers about their problems with storing their used cooking oil.

From dangerous oil drips on the floor to your stores getting stolen, these can have quite an impact on your business. Here are some of the most common problems we hear about at Proper Oils.

  1. Problem: Your used cooking oil gets stolen

Unfortunately, there are unscrupulous thieves around who will happily make off with your used cooking oil. It has a big impact on your business – you won’t be able to show the Environmental Health Officer a controlled waste transfer note proving the legal and safe disposal of your used cooking oil via a licensed collector.

The first step to preventing the theft of your oil is to store it in a secure place. We think the best place for oil storage is inside your building. For some businesses, this could mean a corner of your storage room or basement; for others, inside the kitchen.

Used cooking oil is not classified as a hazardous waste so it’s fine to keep it inside your building. But do bear in mind that your council may need you to meet additional fire safety requirements under Building Regulations. Contact your local council to find out more.


  1. Problem: There’s no space inside your building to store your oil

If you’re struggling for space to store your oil inside, no problem – your business’ yard or garden could offer a solution too.

What’s crucial is that your oil storage bins are sited inside your premises and under lock and key – they shouldn’t be accessible by someone just walking in off the road or pavement, or even jumping over your fence.

You’ll need to keep the oil stores secure during the day as well. We’ve heard about some chefs leaving their storage area unlocked during the lunchtime rush. But, unfortunately, oil thieves operate in daylight too…

If you are still having trouble finding somewhere secure for your oil bins, give us a shout – we can help you source high-security storage, like a made-to-measure locker to fit your space.


  1. Problem: Your staff have been handing over the oil to the wrong collector

    We often hear about thieves walking right into a busy catering kitchen and just making off with your oil. When challenged, they say they’re from Proper Oils – but we know they’re not. You can fix this problem by briefing staff about what to expect from the appearance of every Proper Oils collection driver – they will always be dressed in a black uniform bearing the green Proper Oils logo and they’ll carry branded receipt books.New Uniforms for the Proper Oils team

    Our drivers will also always be driving a Proper Oils lorry or van, like this one below. Proper Oils Mitsubishi Canter cooking oil collection and delivery trucks new livery designs

  2.  Problem: Leaks or odours from your used oil containers

Proper Oils bins or barrels are specially designed for the purpose of storing used cooking oil. Each container has a super-tight seal – which means no more leaks, spills or smells. Get in touch if you would like to order one.


5. Problem: The oil containers take up too much floorspace

Think about how your storage area is used and whether a larger oil container, like a barrel, would be more efficient than lots of tins. Our barrels are available in 150 litres, 120 litres, 60 litres and 30 litres, and will store a greater volume of oil in a smaller footprint. Find out more about our barrels.

If your storage space is really limited and you would prefer a more frequent oil collection, let us know – we can arrange to collect more often.


6. Problem: Your oil containers drip on the way to the storage area

Oil drips can be hazardous on a kitchen floor. If this is something you’re experiencing, you might prefer to store your used cooking oil in one of our wheeled oil bins. Rather than carrying containers of oil to your storage area, you simply wheel the bin to the fryer. Find out more about our wheeled oil bins and how they could help your kitchen.

For more information or to book an oil collection, please call us on 0208 894 9476 or email info@properoils.co.uk


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