6 ways our oil bins could help your waste cooking oil collection

Proper Oils oil bins for used cooking oil collection

These oil bins might look like normal wheelie bins – but they’re actually our amazing new storage containers specially designed for used cooking oil. Here’s how switching to a wheeled oil bin could help your waste cooking oil storage and collection.

  1. The oil bins are really easy to move

    Each bin has a capacity of 100 litres of oil or fats, but those wheels make it easy to push around your kitchen and store area, as and when you need it. That means no waiting for a Proper Oils collection driver to shift your used cooking oil container.

  2. You can wheel the bin to your fryer

    Say goodbye to crossing the kitchen with containers full of used cooking oil to reach your oil storage area. Simply wheel your bin to the fryer for efficient on-the-spot emptying.

  3. You’ll have a cleaner floor

    Ever had a problem with used cooking oil slopping onto the floor on its journey to the storage area? Bringing the bin to the fryer stops this problem – and your kitchen floor stays cleaner and safer.

  4. It’s handy if you have multiple fryers

    The team at Wembley Stadium wheel their Proper Oils bins round each of their 140 fryers before every event.

  5. The bin is leak-proof

    The lid of each bin is fitted with a secure lock on both sides, creating a tight seal. Even if it gets accidentally knocked over, there’ll be no spills.

  6. You’ll never lose the lid

    With the lid firmly attached to the bin, and no separate small parts to get lost, there’s less for you to worry about. Just lock it and leave it.

Please note the wheeled oil bins won’t suit your premises if your used cooking oil storage is only accessible via a flight of stairs. Find out about some common problems of storing used cooking oil.

If you’d like to trial our oil bins, or find out more about using them, please call us on 0208 894 9476, or email info@properoils.co.uk


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