Terms and Conditions

Used Cooking Oil

The terms and conditions below outline the basis of the service we offer your business

Proper Oils aims to provide our customers with the highest quality new cooking oil delivery, collection & recycling service.

If you have any compliments, comments, suggestions or complaints, we would really appreciate it if you could email us at info@properoils.co.uk, or call 03330 160 160.

Proper Oils Company Limited – trading as Proper Oils – is a licensed Waste Carrier herein referred to as Proper Oils, which specialises in collecting edible oils & fats, both used vegetable oil & animal fats, collectively referred to as used cooking oil (UCO).  All Proper Oils official certification & insurance can be viewed on our website www.properoils.co.uk.  The Waste Oil Producer / Caterer shall hereafter be referred to as the Customer. The following terms and conditions shall govern all services provided by Proper Oils.

These terms and conditions include Proper Oils general terms and conditions as published on www.properoils.co.uk/terms-conditions/ at the time of the issue of this proposal, will include; any future published changes to the general terms and conditions and any additional terms specific to your proposal.

1) Our Duties & Obligations – Proper Oils

As a licensed Waste Carrier and waste management company Proper Oils will provide a waste collection and new oil delivery service (where required) for The Customer. Proper Oils undertakes to provide evidence for The Customer to demonstrate compliance with Duty of Care and Waste Hierarchy obligations as defined by UK Law, for the responsible disposal of their waste UCO.

Proper Oils undertakes to provide this service by:

  1. Collecting the UCO on a regular basis at times and a frequency as agreed with the customer. Providing reusable storage containers if required (see 3)

NB: In the event of a suitable, safe access point from which to collect the waste not being available, then Proper Oils reserve the right to refuse the collection.  Where Proper Oils is requested to provide service via an access point which requires waste to be transported through the premises, then Proper Oils shall not be liable for any damage caused by the operation of transporting the waste to a suitable, safe access point.

  1.  Delivering new vegetable oil at the price agreed with the customer (where agreed)
  2. Invoice / pay as agreed with the customer.
  3. Supply a Waste Transfer Note which will prove the customer is disposing of it’s UCO responsibly.
  4. Publish Proper Oils certification. This includes Proper Oils Waste Carrier’s Licence, Environmental Permit, and Insurance Certificate, so they are available for checking & download by customers.

2) Your Duties & Obligations – The Customer

You, the Customer, undertakes to :

  1. Ensure the UCO is available for collection as agreed, and if contacted by Proper Oils prior to collection, to give an accurate estimation of the volume of oil available to be collected.
  2. Ensure the oil or fat is not contaminated with food waste, stock, water, or any other foreign bodies.  If it is contaminated, Proper Oils reserves the right to charge customers for collection & disposal.
  3. Ensure the used cooking oil can be collected and/or new oil delivered safely whilst Proper Oils is on the customers premises.
  4. Sign the provided Controlled Waste Transfer Notes guaranteeing that the details relating to the waste and information on the Controlled Waste Transfer Note are true, accurate and complete, and acknowledges that Proper Oils relies upon these details in providing its equipment and services.

NB: Proper Oils reserves the right to refuse to collect, deal or handle the waste if it does not conform to the requirements as specified, and/or as described on the Waste Transfer Note, or if it is unsafe or illegal to do so.

3)  Cooking Oil Containers

Proper Oils offers various sized storage bins and barrels for the storage of used cooking oil.  These containers remain the property of Proper Oils.  If they are lost or damaged, Proper Oils reserves the right to charge for replacement.

4) Duration of Contract

The cooking oil delivery, collection and recycling service shall commence on the date of this agreement and will continue for 1 calendar year from that date.

5) Payments and Charges


Prices are agreed on an individual basis and are dependent on the regular service of new cooking oil delivered and the quality and quantity of waste oil collected collection of the agreed quantity of used cooking oil & its quality and the quantity of waste oil collected.

Proper Oils reserves the right to: change its oil prices, issue a charge (see Charges section below) or withhold service/payment if the regular quantities of used oil available and / or the order volumes for new oil varies from the quantities agreed with The Customer.

Unless agreed in writing prior to collection then Proper Oils analysis will be binding in any calculation of material credits.


Failed Collection Charge – £30 per collection

Disposal of food waste/stock/water – £30 pence per litre or per litre deduction from any used oil credit value.

Other Contamination e.g. engine oil – price dependent on disposal costs incurred by Proper Oils

Lost/Stolen Containers:

£80 for wheelie bin (any size)

£30 per barrel (any size)

Proper Oils reserves the right to cover our costs of delivery or collection if:

  • Your waste oil should not be available for collection
  • If the volume is significantly less than agreed
  • If delivery or collection is refused
  • If the oil is contaminated with foreign bodies e.g. food waste or water

All sums due are payable within 30 days of the date of invoice.

If the client fails to make any payment that is due, Proper Oils reserves the right to suspend the provision of any service.

Should payment be made after 30 days has elapsed interest will be charged. This is calculated at 8% on a daily basis after the due date along with 0.5% being the Bank of England base rate. If the customer requires service outside agreed scheduled dates Proper Oils will endeavour to assist with any requests, however this may be subject to a delivery or collection fee.

6) Modifications to contract service requirements

The Customer & Proper Oils shall have the right to request modification to the agreement regarding collection frequency or quantity. Any such request should be made in writing via letter or email. If modification to the agreement necessitates a replacement agreement and Controlled Waste Transfer Note, Proper Oils shall comply with this requirement in full.

7) Termination & Amendments

Either party may terminate this contract after the initial 12 month period by the provision of not less than one calendar month’s notice in writing to the other.

Termination of this contract shall be made by either party without prejudice to any rights or liabilities that may have accrued up to the termination date.

Proper Oils reserves the right to amend the contract as necessary to comply with legislation and statutory regulations and requirements, but in such cases undertake to advise the customer of any such amendments made as soon as practicable.

Should the customer commit or cause any breach of the contract, then Proper Oils shall, in addition and without prejudice to its other rights thereof, have the right to terminate the contract at its sole discretion forthwith, or to give notice to The Customer of its intention to terminate the contract after a specific period which it deems adequate.

8) Waste Hierarchy

Proper Oils will ensure that it follows the waste hierarchy in accordance with The Waste (England and Wales) Regulations 2011.  Proper Oils endeavours to recycle & recover 100% of products collected, including both Used Cooking Oil & it’s packaging, and any waste residues.  Proper Oils is a zero to landfill company.

9) Documentation

Proper Oils will also produce a Controlled Waste Transfer Note (CWTN) either for each collection or to cover all collections in a service period.  Once these terms and conditions are signed Proper Oils will send email invitations to electronically sign relevant CWTNs via a link to Proper Oils service portal. CWTNs should be signed by The Client with 30 days of issue, at which point a copy signed by both parties will be emailed to each party and should be retained on record for a minimum of 2 years.

10) ISCC

In order for The Client to work with Proper Oils, we will request that you sign an ISCC declaration form. The ISCC self-declaration covers collections of UCO by Proper Oils from The Customer and any deliveries of UCO to Proper Oils by The Customer.