Airport cooking oil recycling at Heathrow

Proper Oils service all airport cooking oil recycling at Heathrow. They, and the Sustainable Restaurant Association organised a workshop for all the food and beverage businesses that operate there.

The aim of the workshop was to ensure everyone understands how to maximise recycling of the waste generated.  Proper Oils have been chosen to provide the cooking oil recycling at Heathrow Airport for the past five years.

Heathrow are very proactive about both waste minimisation and recycling.  The airport recycles 62% of all the waste generated by the airport, and plans to increase this to 70%.  To do this, airport staff need to understand what to put in each bin and ensure contamination is kept to a minimum.  Our job was to explain:

  • how the airport cooking oil recycling scheme works
  • what happens to the oil, how it is recycled, and what it is turned into
  • how the volume of oil recycled is calculated and reported, and how the caterers are paid for their resource
  • find out how it works for the caterers and if any improvements could be made

Proper Oils recycles all the waste cooking oil generated at Heathrow Airport within 5 miles, at our facility in Southall. By refining waste into biodiesel, is is turned into a resource for use in road fuel. This is a substitute to mineral diesel refined from crude oil.

It was a very interesting morning where everyone contributed to improve how more waste could be recycled into a resource at the airport.  Well done everyone!

Stephen Hurton 

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