BBC Radio 4 Cooking oil show: “A Fat Lot of Good”

Listen again to this fantastic half hour BBC Radio 4 Cooking oil show, dedicated to cooking oil and fats. It’s very interesting if you enjoy food, flavours and cooking, and like us here at Proper Oils, have a fascination with cooking oils and fats.

Shelia Dillon looks at the range of oils and fats available, and tries to provide clarity of which we should use and when.

She was joined in the studio by Dr Michael Mosley whose investigation looked into how the composition of saturated and polyunsaturated fats changed when heated with food and resulted in the production of dangerous aldehydes. Sheila found out what response there has been since the programme and how he’s changed his own cooking and buying habits. But what questions should we be asking when we eat out?

From a professional kitchen/chef’s point of view, the advice given is that it is very important to keep your cooking oil clean and change it frequently to prevent the build up of dangerous aldehydes caused by heating and reheating. It is noticeable that the quality of oil which is disposed of, and which Proper Oils collects, varies significantly – from golden looking and hardly used, to almost black.

From a personal perspective I’m pleased that my love of frying and roasting food using animal fats is vindicated.

Definitely worth a listen
BBC Radio 4 Cooking Oil Show

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