Biofuels statistics were released today for 2014-15

Department_for_Transport_logo_600The Department for Transport has released the latest biofuels statistics.

These reports detail the supply of renewable fuels under the Renewable Transport Fuel Obligation, in the UK during the last 2 years.

Biofuel statistics 2014-2015:

  •  940 million litres of renewable fuel have been supplied, which is 3.65% of total road and non-road mobile machinery fuel.
  • 553 million litres (59%) of this renewable fuel has so far been demonstrated to meet the sustainability requirements.
  • 809 million RTFCs have been issued to fuel meeting the sustainability requirements, of which 512 million were issued to double counting feedstocks.
  • Of the 553 million litres so far meeting the sustainability requirements, bioethanol comprised 50% of supply, biodiesel (FAME) 48% and biomethanol 1%. There were also small volumes of biogas and off road biodiesel.
  • C&S characteristics of the biofuels to which RTFCs have been issued:

    • The most widely reported source for biodiesel (by feedstock and country of origin) was used cooking oil from the UK (52 million litres, 9% of total fuel, 19% of biodiesel).
    • The most widely reported source for bioethanol (by feedstock and country of origin) was corn from the Ukraine (62 million litres, 11% of total fuel, 22% of bioethanol).
    • 46% of fuel was made from a waste/non-agricultural residue (double counting) feedstock.
    • 25% of the fuel was sourced from UK feedstocks.
  • An aggregate greenhouse gas saving of 68% compared to fossil fuels was achieved. This figure excludes emissions from indirect land-use change.
  • 99% of the fuel was sourced from a voluntary scheme.
  • The most commonly used voluntary scheme without a second scheme listed was ISCC at 82% of fuel (including a second schemes raises this to 83%).

  • Full details are available on the Department’s website

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