Customer case study: collecting used cooking oil from Wembley Stadium

Ever wondered what happens to the waste cooking oil from the kitchens at Wembley Stadium? Proper Oils is their contracted collector, picking up anything from 2000 to 4000 litres each time we visit.

Wembley Stadium is certainly a busy place to service when it comes to waste cooking oil. There are 15 hospitality kitchens, three press restaurants and 113 concession units to feed the 90,000-strong capacity of the stadium – with 10,500 sit-down meals able to be served at any one event.

Of course, all that food needs to be prepared, cooked and cleared away afterwards – and the waste cooking oil created from frying is no different.

Fried food is a popular choice at the stadium. Before each fixture at the stadium, around 140 fryers – like the ones in the concession kiosk in the picture below – are emptied of waste cooking oil and scrubbed clean by the team working for CleanEvent Services.

Fryers at Wembley Stadium

Storing used cooking oil at Wembley Stadium 

Proper Oils supply around 50 wheeled bins to Wembley Stadium so that they can store their waste cooking oil after each event.

Wembley Stadium had a particular request for us – they needed used cooking oil storage bins that could be pushed from one fryer to the next for easy emptying and would be easy and light enough to manoeuvre around the site by hand. They also wanted these bins to look smart enough to be wheeled through public and carpeted areas and to operate cleanly so that they left no trace of oil. These 100-litre capacity wheeled bins are what we came up with.

Bins for used cooking oil collection for Proper Oils

We initially sourced our wheeled bins solely for Wembley Stadium, but they proved so popular with their team that we now offer them to all our customers. Find out more about our wheeled bins.

Emptying the fryers before an event

A few days before an event, it’s time to empty the fryers in each hospitality kitchen and concessions kiosk. First, the executive chef gives CleanEvent Services a list of the kiosk fryers that require emptying and cleaning.

A four-strong team then starts working their way through each fryer on the site, using a VITO X1 mobile filter machine, which sucks the oil through a hose while filtering out food debris. The filtered oil is then pushed back through the tube into a Proper Oils wheeled bin.

Emptying the fryers at Wembley Stadium

Another team has the task of thoroughly cleaning each emptied fryer, using a special degreaser and hot water.

Finally, just before an event, staff fill the cleaned fryers with fresh cooking oil.

The full bins of waste cooking oil are wheeled to the stadium’s loading bay for Proper Oils to collect. We collect between 2000 and 4000 litres of oil every time we visit. Before we leave, we replace the full containers with cleaned, empty bins, ready for the next event. The bins full of Wembley’s waste cooking oil are taken to Proper Oils HQ, ready for the next step on their recycling journey.


If you’d like to book a waste cooking oil collection or find out more about how we can help you, please call us on 0208 894 9476, email us on or fill in our form.

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