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Why we’re lobbying government for tighter carbon targets for the biodiesel industry

You might have already guessed it, but we’re very into renewable energy – whether it’s wind, tidal or solar power, or, yes, converting waste cooking oil from the hospitality industry into biodiesel.

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Why should you recycle your professional kitchen’s used cooking oil?

Pipe clogged with fat

Think just a little bit of used cooking oil, animal fat, grease and food scraps poured down the drain can’t hurt? Find out why it’s better for your business, the community and the environment to recycle your cooking oil.

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What happens to the used cooking oil you recycle?

Forth Road Bridge

Ever thought about what happens to the used cooking oil collected from your hotel, restaurant, café or other professional kitchen?

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Supporting community charity in the Heathrow Area


Proper Oils just signed a cheque for over £2000 to support Heathrow Airport’s very own community initiative Proper Oils has been servicing Heathrow Airport, collecting and recycling used cooking oil for over five years now. Part of our deal includes a

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Airport cooking oil recycling at Heathrow

heathrow airport logo

Proper Oils service all airport cooking oil recycling at Heathrow Airport. We recently contributed to a workshop at Europe’s busiest airport.

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Choosing the ‘Proper’ electricity supplier

For the first time in over four years, Proper Oils has been able to choose its electricity supplier, which is very exciting. As a green business in the renewables sector, we know a bit about this, and did our research to make sure

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Proper Oils is a London Living Wage Employer

London Living Wage logo

We are proud to announce that Proper Oils is now a London Living Wage Employer.

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ISCC – Verifying Proper Oils’ used cooking oil service is sustainable

ISCC logo

Each year, Proper Oils must prove that the used cooking oil we collect and the service we provide is sustainable. This means being inspected by an accredited independent auditing company to the standard defined by the ISCC, the International Sustainability &

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FoodSave – helping catering businesses reduce food waste and save money

image of FoodSave animation snap shot

Let us introduce FoodSave – a smart initiative being run by the Sustainable Restaurant Association to help reduce the amount of waste going into landfill and save business thousands of pounds a year.

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