New cooking oil delivery, collection and recycling uniforms

Keep an eye out for your oil collectors in a new, custom branded, great looking uniform. The new look Proper Oils team will be dressed in black trousers, polo shirts and jumpers sporting large green Proper Oils logos.

The Proper Oils team are now using their custom branded new cooking oil delivery, collection and recycling uniforms.

It’s important to outfit staff well, especially in this business. Not only are these new uniforms protective equipment for the team who collect and recycle your waste cooking oil, they will also help you identify Proper Oils staff, making sure the right people are collecting your used oil. Each team member will also have their name embroidered on their chest, so you’ll always know your driver on first name terms.

After extensive testing, the team have all been issued with gilets, drivers’ jackets, cargo pants, t-shirts, jumpers and hats to keep themselves at the right temperature as the weather gets colder. And when the sunshine returns, we’re ready with shorts and caps. Staff must always wear safety steel toe cap boots, and gloves which are replaced every day. For those sites which require it, the drivers have specialist equipment stored in the vehicle, such as high-vis jackets and safety hats. In this way everyone is best prepared to provide you with the professional cooking oil delivery, collection and recycling service you have come to expect from Proper Oils.

Getting good quality uniforms, which everyone is happy to wear five days out of seven is hard. We’d like to thank Frances Elms of Elms Embroidery for finding us the best uniform supplier, and organising the correct sizes and embroidery for everyone.

Our new cooking oil delivery, collection and recycling uniforms arrived last week and look very smart – look out for them.

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