Customer case study: collecting waste cooking oil from roof-top pop-up 8 Hoxton Square

8 Hoxton Square in Shoreditch is a busy restaurant serving modern European dishes to great reviews – and now has a pop-up on Pergola-on-the-Roof in Westfield White City. It has been a Proper Oils customer since 2015.

The difficulties of storing used cooking oil in a central London restaurant

Like many central London eateries, the biggest problem in terms of managing its used cooking oil is that there’s very little storage space to keep it in.

For Cameron Emirali, founder and chef of 8 Hoxton Square (55 covers) and sister restaurant 10 Greek Street in Soho (40 covers), there are no spare cupboards or empty storerooms in the kitchens for their tins of waste cooking oil.

Instead, Cameron manages their waste oil with regular weekly collections with Proper Oils.

At 8 Hoxton Square, there’s space for four 20-litre drums only in the galley-style prep kitchen. “The tins line up against one wall,” says Cameron. “We don’t have room to have oil hanging around so we make sure it moves along every week.”

It helps that they also have a standing order for a weekly supply of fresh cooking oil with Proper Oils, which we deliver when we are on site for collections.

It means that 8 Hoxton Square and 10 Greek Street can operate on a one-in, one-out basis for their oil tins – making it much easier to manage.

Storage solutions for a pop-up restaurant

8 Hoxton Square at Pergola on the Roof, Westfield

 It’s a different story at Cameron’s latest eaterie – a restaurant shack on the pop-up roof-top dining experience Pergola on the Roof, a temporary summer space for 2017 on top of a carpark near Westfield White City in west London. Diners can choose from four restaurant shacks at Pergola, one of which is 8 Hoxton Square, and it’s proving really popular.

In fact, the evenings can be so busy that sometimes the chefs have needed to change the fryer oil in the middle of a service. “It’s tricky but we do it swiftly – and with lots of cloths on standby,” adds Cameron.

With the pop-up sited on a disused car park, the chefs have found plenty of storage space for their used cooking oil on the levels below. So much so that Proper Oils only needs to collect the oil fortnightly, and can pick up 10 tins at once.

The used oil is poured into the original tins at roof level before being carried down the stairs to the storage area, ready to be collected by the Proper Oils driver.

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