Choosing the ‘Proper’ electricity supplier

For the first time in over four years, Proper Oils has been able to choose its electricity supplier, which is very exciting. As a green business in the renewables sector, we know a bit about this, and did our research to make sure we chose the ‘Proper’ supplier.

The choice is between one of the Big 6 energy firms: British Gas (with 20 million customers); EDF energy (5.8m customers); E.ON UK (5.3m customers); npower (6.5m customers); Scottish Power (5.2m customers); SSE (9.6m customers), or choose from one of the newer energy companies: Ovo Energy; Good Energy; Ecotricity; LoCO2 Energy; Flow Energy and Spark Energy as well as the UK’s first energy co-operative which trades as The Co-operative Energy. (source: Wikipedia)

We gained quotes from Good Energy and Ecotricity, and compared them with our existing supplier EDF energy’s price. Based on these new prices, our calculations show that it costs around an extra 10% per year to buy from an electricity supplier which supports renewable energy generation. A minor cost, compared to the benefits of supporting UK electricity generation from renewable sources. Based on the out-of-contract rate which EDF put us on, we are making around a 30% saving!

We chose to buy from Good Energy, primarily as I was so impressed by the CEO, Juliet Davenport, speaking with knowledge and passion about renewable energy on The Bottom Line programme in February. We’re very proud to say it now means our electricity supply is from 100% renewable sources and has a carbon footprint of zero. Good Energy’s commitment to our environment is the same as that at the core of our company – a clean, green future.

I’m pleased to confirm we had an easy and incident-free handover to Good Energy, so if you are thinking of switching your home or business electricity, spend half an hour listening to another The Bottom Line programme about renewable energy upstarts. You’ll get a good background to the electricity market, why it is important to switch, and the benefits of moving your supplier to one of the new smaller energy companies.  If you hadn’t thought of switching, once you’ve listened to this, you will. Go on – have a go yourself, and tell us how you got on.

Proper Oils' electricity supplier owns the Delabole wind farm in North Cornwall

The Delabole wind farm (Pam Brophy) / CC BY-SA 2.0


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