Fancy pressing your own vegetable oil?

Ever thought about pressing your own vegetable oil? Neither had I until a friend send me an article from the South China Morning Post.

Most of us have heard about the food scares in China – especially contamination in baby milk formula which is awful. Well the South China Morning Post reports that a series of scandals revealed that millions of tonnes of cooking oil was being recycled and sold back to consumers. This has led to consumers buying oil pressers to use in their own domestic kitchens, to produce vegetable oil for cooking. There are more and more people pressing oil at home for their own frying use!
PROPER Oils - vegetable oil in a glass vessel
You will be relieved to hear that we can rely on the most stringent food safety standards here in the UK. All the oil which Proper Oils supplies comes from UK companies who are accredited to the BRC Food Standard – this proves that they have been inspected, and are working to best practice.

You can rest assured that all the oil which we collect is cleaned and recycled into biofuel – we are also inspected and have to demonstrate traceability where the waste cooking oil is collected from, and where it goes to, as part of our ISCC inspection and accreditation.

If you’ve any experience pressing your own cooking oil, please get in touch. We’d be interested to learn more about it . . . .

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