Finalist in National Competition to collect household waste cooking oil

On Friday,  Proper Oils was announced as a Finalist in the national Waste Reduction Challenge, to demonstrate our fantastic solution for domestic households to recycle the waste cooking oil generated in everyday cooking.

ProperOils-NESTA-finalistThe Waste Reduction Challenge Prize is a competition to encourage social innovations (new ways of doing things) that involve people at a community level in giving time, skills and resources in order to have a big impact on a specific social need.

Proper Oils has a great solution to increase the amount of household waste cooking oil recycled.  120,000 tonnes of oils and fats are generated in private houses thoughout the country.  It is a gigantic amount, and currently only 0.01% is recycled.  It is a win win win – providing benefits to the householders, to the community organisations, and to the wider community.  By being selected as a finalist, we are awarded £10,000 to demonstrate how our entry “Unblocking the Community”, will increase the amount of household waste cooking oil recycled significantly.

How?  Simple really (or so we think), by making it easy for domestic households to recycle their used cooking oil by providing community collection points.  Everyone benefits by:

  • Householder doesn’t block up their drains – saving the cost and hassle of getting a professional in to unblock the drain, or using those nasty chemicals to dissolve the trapped fat yourself, or spraining your wrist trying to unblock it using a plunger
  • Community organisation benefits by being rewarded in terms of calculated carbon savings, being included in our recycling competitions, educating the people who use their facility and saving them money, and providing a service to their users
  • The wider community benefits primarily by having working sewers, and if we are really successful, everyone’s water bills may even come down as there would be no need to clean out the fats, oils & greases from the sewers!

If you, or an organisation you are involved with, would like to be a collection point for people to recycle their waste cooking oil, please get in contact by emailing

Thanks to the judges for selecting Proper Oils to be a finalist, and NESTA in conjuction with, and funded by, the Cabinet Office, for allowing us to demonstrate that household waste cooking oil collections work over the next 6 months.

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