Trialling a Green Hybrid lorry for used cooking oil collections

Proper Oils is always trying to minimise our environmental impact when we deliver and collect cooking oil for recycling. To do this we are trialling a green hybrid lorry for used cooking oil collections. This is manufactured by Mitsubishi, and supplied by Rygor Heathrow.

It has a Duonic transmission system, which means that under 12 miles per hour it works only from battery power. At higher speeds it slowly transitions to using engine power to propel itself. By powering itself from the energy stored in the battery it reduces diesel used and emissions, especially at low speeds.

It works well. After 6 weeks on trial, you wouldn’t notice the difference between this type of lorry and a conventional 7.5t. Green benefits without any negative effect on performance. Wow!

But what about other factors? Payload: The amount we can carry is reduced by 150kg, because of the weight of the batteries. Cost: This is a big factor in decisions. It costs £8,000 more for the green hybrid Duonic transmission system, which is approximately 20-25% extra cost. This means it will take approximately four years in fuel savings to pay back the extra upfront costs of purchasing the green lorry. It’s a shame it doesn’t qualify for reduced congestion charge for reducing emissions in the West End and the City, and therefore improving the air quality in central London.

It all makes for a interesting decision. We’ll keep you posted on what option we choose…The Canter Eco Hybrid


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