Hounslow, a fatberg hot spot

The London borough of Hounslow has been shamed as a fatberg hotspot.

Local news website getwestlondon.co.uk recently published an article showing grim photographs of the consequences of throwing the wrong things down our drains, forming the obstructions perfectly described as fatbergs. Sanitary items, wet wipes – even the so-called flushable ones, and of course cooking oils and fats have congealed in the Hounslow sewer system causing a shocking 13,000 blockages in five years.

Thames Water spends around £1 million a month to clean up such fatbergs in the sewer systems running beneath us, one of the oldest in the world at over 150 years old. This fatberg concentration in Hounslow is causing major concern and disruption, with a risk of homes and businesses being flooded by sewage.

In 2015 we wrote an article on the Thames Water campaign, Bin it, don’t feed the fatberg, which aims to raise awareness of this costly epidemic. It seems some residents and businesses of Hounslow need to be encouraged to follow their advice. This will not only help the environment, but has the added advantage of potentially saving money in the long run, whether from protecting against an increase in water bills, or from the personal costs of repairs to household pipes.

London has the highest concentration of food outlets in the country, producing around 40m litres of used cooking oil a year, much of which is illegally poured down drains, intensifying the fatberg problem. Every business that creates waste oil has a duty of care to dispose of it safely and legally, and this is where Proper Oils operates. We already collect used cooking oil from many Hounslow restaurants and catering businesses, but this report shows there’s room for more. If you’re a caterer in the area, or anywhere else in London or the South of England, rest assured Proper Oils will provide you with a professional service to collect your waste cooking oil legally and efficiently, and you’ll be playing your part in protecting the enviroment. Get in touch with us today for a quote.


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