Is your waste cooking oil collection service sustainable?

International sustainablilty carbon certificate

Find out about the ISCC certificate which proves that the used cooking oil we collect is sustainable

What’s it all about?

The European RED (Renewable Energy Directive) requires 7% of diesel produced to be from renewable sources, for example from waste cooking oil, in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.  This directive requires traceability of oil back to it’s source – in our case, from the caterer who has used it to fry their food in.

How do we prove this?

We keep records of all our collection rounds, which means we can prove who we collect waste cooking oil from, when, and how much used cooking oil is collected.  An auditor visits annually to inspect our records and systems to confirm that all the oil collected is sourced from registered suppliers, that it’s a waste product, and is sustainable.  We do this by working to the standard as laid out by ISCC  which complies with RED (Renewable Energy Directive).  We have chosen SGS as the auditing company to inspect Proper Oils – you can see our latest ISCC certificate here.

How does this affect you?

You need to sign a declaration to confirm that the used cooking oil which you produce is a waste product.  We will deliver the form with your waste transfer note annually.

If you want any help, simply ask one of the team – either when we collect your oil, or by calling the office on 020 8894 9476

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