5 days left to watch “Before the Flood”, Leonardo DiCaprio’s climate change documentary

National Geographic Before the Flood

Quick!  National Geographic have produced a documentary film with Leonardo DiCaprio about climate change and its rapid effects.  Its hard hitting, and taken him 2 years to make.

Leonardo DiCaprio is the UN representative for climate change, and is taking his responsibilities seriously.  The actor interrogates a slew of prominent researchers, innovators and public figures including President Barack Obama and Tesla CEO Elon Musk.  National Geographic have made Before the Flood available for free as part of its recent environmental initiative. The initiative is aimed at raising awareness of the negative effects of climate change.

It’s not an easy watch.  It is a long 1 and a half hours long, but it is so important to watch it.  It makes clear the enormity of the problem facing us, how it is happening now, and speaks to people who are impacted at this stage.  Any solutions?  Not many, bar making better choices yourself, using your vote, raising awareness to get lots of people to put pressure on politicians to change.  Without this the politicians will continue with business as usual.

It ends with a couple of pertinent messages.  In case you don’t get chance to watch it in the next few days, they are:

It is up to all of us

Vote for leaders who support

Ending fossil fuel subsidies

Investing in renewables

Leaving fossil fuels in the ground

Supporting a price on carbon

Consume differently:

What you buy

What you eat

How you get your power

The documentary urges you to find out more at http://carbotax.org/. The site is designed for Americans – hopefully it works to raise awareness there.  It appears to be incredibly cheap to offset your carbon usage through this site.

So what are we doing? From a business perspective we are collecting waste cooking oil to turn into a fuel to use instead of diesel. We monitor our energy usage so we can reduce it, like fitting telematics to help reduce our diesel use on the road. We are using the most up-to-date, new, and efficient lorries, because it reduces fuel emissions. Proper Oils electricity is generated from 100% renewables, and are working hard to go carbon neutral by offsetting the carbon generated by planting trees.  The next step is to share this with my colleagues to raise their awareness.

Furthermore, I’ve also changed our home fuel to a 100% renewable energy supplied by Good Energy. A process that informed me that we as a family, are high energy users and we need to look how to reduce it.  Improving the insulation in our house, and investigate if we can generate electricity and/or hot water using our roof.  We already buy veg and dairy from an organic box scheme, and buy organic meats, but there is more to do.  The documentary also makes you look at what products have Palm Oil in – loads.  So still so much to do from a personal perspective .

Good job in raising everyone’s awareness Mr DiCaprio! You can watch the movie here

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One comment on “5 days left to watch “Before the Flood”, Leonardo DiCaprio’s climate change documentary
  1. Ovidiu says:

    I believe this documentary is enlightening by providing clear information about the global warming and by explaining the whole process behind this issue. The UN agreement is a very good idea because it can enforce a set of rules and steps that everyone will have to follow in order to make the change happen. Otherwise, the good initiatives will just end up blocked by politicians and other influential people that constantly diminish and ridicule the gravity of this problem for their personal interests.
    My first step to help this common goal will be to find an alternative energy supplier for my home. One that uses clean energy.

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