Proper Oils is a London Living Wage Employer

We are proud to announce that Proper Oils is now a London Living Wage Employer.

We are one of only 2,000 accredited employers*, and the first cooking oil collection & recycling company to become a London Living Wage Employer. This means that every member of staff in our organisation earns not just the minimum wage but the London Living Wage.

As MD of this growing company, I feel the team at Proper Oils are the most important part of the success of the business, and as such it is important that everyone is paid a fair living wage.

How do I determine what is a fair wage? I don’t need to, as the Living Wage Foundation calculate this for us. They tell all Living Wage employers what the minimum rate each person needs to receive for a fair living wage, making it significantly higher than the national minimum wage.

The Living Wage is a robust calculation that reflects the real cost of living, rewarding a hard day’s work with a fair day’s pay. It is calculated according to the basic cost of living using the ‘Minimum Income Standard’ for the UK. Decisions about what to include in this standard are set by the public; it is a social consensus about what people need to make ends meet. In London, the living wage figure is set annually by the Greater London Authority and covers all boroughs in Greater London.

After trading for just over 8 and a half years, I am incredibly pleased to announce that we can do this for all members of our team. A fair wage is tremendously important, and is especially relevant in building a sustainable organisation – that being one of my main aims in founding Proper Oils.

We look forward to hearing if any of our customers are fellow Living Wage employers. Do let us know if you’ve joined the commitment to responsible pay.

Stephen Hurton, MD Proper Oils.

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*2000 accredited Living Wage employers in 2015.
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