Bring some Mellow Yellow® into your kitchen this Spring

Rapeseed Oil
Cold Pressed Rapeseed Oil full of natural goodness.

Farrington’s Mellow Yellow® now available from Proper Oils…..

Farrington’s Mellow Yellow®  is Britain’s original ‘seed to bottle’ cold pressed rapeseed oil.

A healthy, tasty and brilliantly versatile cooking oil pressed so gently it retains all of its natural goodness and taste.

Grown with care and produced with passion on Duncan Farrington’s family farm to ‘LEAF Marque Standards’ ensuring enviromentally responsible and sustainable farming.

Mellow Yellow Rapeseed Oil
Duncan first launched Farrington’s Mellow Yellow® in 2005 as Britain’s first ‘seed to bottle’ cold pressed rapeseed oil on Bottom Farm, Northamptonshire.

Its a healthier & more versatile oil…

  • Perfect for roasting, frying, baking or dressing with its wonderful subtle nutty taste.
  • Lower saturated fat, less than half that of olive oil.
  • At least ten times more Omega 3 than other cooking oils and in balance with Omega 6
  • Naturally occurring vitamin E and plant sterols.
  • High smoke point , an ideal high temperature culinary oil
  • Additive free & gluten free

Proper Oils are delighted to be now supplying this delicious and sustainable oil available in 5 litre catering packs.

Rapeseed Oil
Mellow Yellow Cold Pressed Rapeseed Oil available from Proper Oils in 5 litre packs.

For more information on Mellow Yellow Cold Pressed Rapeseed oil, and if you need a sustainable and independent cooking oil supplier call us on 03330 160 160 or feel free to message us . 

Proper Oils Cooking Oil
Proper Oils your independent sustainable cooking oil supplier – doing it the Proper Way !
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