Nesta’s Waste Reduction Challenge

In November, Proper Oils was told that we had been selected as a semi-finalist in the Waste Reduction Challenge, by Nesta in conjunction with the Cabinet Office.

The Waste Reduction Challenge Prize is a competition to encourage social innovations (new ways of doing things) that involve people at a community level in giving time, skills and resources in order to have a big impact on a specific social need.

Our entry “Unblocking the Community” is to provide a solution so domestic households can easily recycle the waste cooking oil generated in everyday cooking.

There are 120,000 tonnes of oils and fats generated in private houses thoughout the country.  It is a gigantic amount, and currently only 0.01% is recycled.  You can find out more about our proposal on our video below.

Proper Oils has a great solution which is a win win win – providing benefits to the householders, direct to community organisations, and to the wider community – to make it easy for households to recycle their used cooking oil.

The judges meet this Friday, and we hear if we’ve been selected as one of the 5 projects to get £10,000 to pilot our household used cooking oil recycling service, at the end of January.  Fingers crossed.

We’ll keep you updated with progress . . . . .

Nesta is an independent charity with a mission to help people and organisations bring great ideas to life.

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