New facility to collect and process hard cooking fat

Proper Oils have recently added a larger facility to collect and process hard cooking fat

Good news for caterers who produce waste hard fat – animal fat such as beef dripping, lard and duck fat, and solid vegetable fat from palm oil. Proper Oils have recently added a larger facility to process your waste product.

We designed and commissioned a new container to help us collect and process hard cooking fat – it’s called a fat box. Processing waste hard cooking fat requires heating the oil up, as it is solid or gloopy at room temperature. It must be kept warm so it doesn’t solidify again.

With this idea and brief, we approached a company called Adaptainer who specialise in shipping container conversion. With their wealth of experience in this field, and sitting well with our environmental values, they reused and upcycled an old ISO reefer container. This created the housing we needed to contain the process workings. We then got together with our tank manufacturer, VTF, who built the tank, the heating coil, and the working platform to fit. Both teams did a quality job, with great workmanship.

Simon Riggs of Adaptainer said: “This was an interesting project with a number of challenges that we had to overcome to meet the requirements. We were very pleased to be able to help provide another avenue for recycling as this is close to our heart. We wish Proper Oils every success in their new venture.”

Over the last six months, we’ve been testing our new fat box. The finished item is just the ticket to provide a better fat recycling service to our customers who produce waste hard fats.

Get in touch if you are a caterer such as a kebab shop or a steak house producing waste hard fats, or if you are a fish and chip shop frying in palm oil or beef dripping. Proper Oils will provide you with a first-class service to collect and process hard cooking fat. Let us deal with the paperwork involved in cooking fat collection, and know that your waste will be processed legally and efficiently.

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