The Prince of Wales – Refreshing our business values

The Prince of Wales made a speech recently about reforming capitalism. It reminded me of our business values and inspired me.

Prince Charles
Why? Because he made me think about why I formed Proper Oils, why we are in the recycling business, and not simply doing business as usual. Occasionally you need reminding, otherwise you can get sucked into simply earning money to pay more bills. It was special, because he reminded me that:

We live in “a time of unprecedented environmental change, undoubtedly compounded by Man-made global warming and with great strain placed on Nature’s life-support systems. In other words, her soils, fresh water, forests, fisheries, oceans and biodiversity – which are being lost at an alarming rate. These changes threaten to undermine all of the progress we have achieved, unless we can create a much more sustainable and inclusive approach.”

The business world should consider the social, community and environmental dimensions, and build effective partnerships between the private, public and N.G.O. – or civil society – sectors. And that a shift is required to “focus away from the present attention on the short-term and towards a focus on the long-term”

Although it was aimed at the heads of multinationals, it was just as relevant to Proper Oils. This morning I have been thinking about the positive’s we have achieved – growing the amount of cooking oil that is recycled locally, creating the first community recycling scheme for household Used Cooking Oil , setting up our apprenticeship scheme , and today I am inspired to get to work to put our values at the centre of what we do

You can find out more about the speech in the Telegraph, or read the full transcript on the Prince of Wales website .

What a fabulous inspiration his Royal Highness is.

photo: Roy Hughes
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