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Proper Energy Limited trading as Proper Oils is now known as Proper Oils Company Ltd. Not much of a change, but it is important. Here are the reasons why…

When I set the business up, our aim was to reduce the environmental impact of waste cooking oil by collecting and recycling the oil locally, then refining it into biodiesel – hence the name Proper Energy. It soon became clear however, that there are not many customer wanting to buy 100% biodiesel, and the sale price didn’t justify the significant extra effort of refining the waste oil into fuel.

So Proper Oils concentrated on providing a top quality waste cooking oil collection service. Five years ago we launched a new service to supply customers with fresh cooking oil when we collect the waste. This has led to greatly increased customer satisfaction.

We believe that good customer service starts within the company and the values we hold. So by training and developing our team, by having an apprenticeship program to train young people, and by being a London Living Wage employer, we address some of the social and economic issues of today. Environmentally, we aim to demonstrate benefits of recycling locally with Proper Oils by offsetting the carbon we generate. We aim to demonstrate all this to our customers by gaining accreditations by external bodies – Living Wage, FORS, ISCC to name a few.

Why the name change to Proper Oils Company Ltd? The new name reflects the joint effort of all members of our company who deliver an excellent Proper Oils service to our customers.

So here’s to Proper Oils continuing to supply better and better services, year in and year out. We’re proud to have our excellent customers on board with us.

Proper Oils Company Ltd certificate of name change

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