Proper Oils driving to London’s Ultra Low Emission Zone Standards

#ULEZ launched
Ultra Low emission zone launched across London today

Today is the launch of Londons Ultra Low Emission Zone. Ensuring Londons’ air becomes safer every day for everyone.

At Proper Oils we are committed to Ultra low emission standards. As a independent company created with green values at our heart we are driven to lowering our emissions and our impact on the environment.

In fact we have been compliant with all our vehicles traveling into London since 2016. Proper Oils fleet of Euro 6 lorries that enter London daily are all low emission and operating to the latest high emission standards of Euro 6.


Proper Oils collecting used cooking oil the proper way – Operating to high Euro 6 emission standards.

Also our Fleet is maintained daily by our inhouse mechanic to ensure it is running optimally and to ensure the Diesel Partichulate Filter works to the optimum levels.  

All our vehicles are fitted with telematics to measure the vehicle’s performance, and to monitor how efficiently they are being driven.  This information is then used to feedback to the drivers so they can drive more efficiently. This information also influences which type of lorry to use to deliver and collect used cooking oil.

We are also trialling a diesel additive supplied by K&S McKenzie which aims to further reduce carbon footprint by 25% by increasing the burning efficiency of diesel.  The aim is to use less fuel and reduce : CO2 by up to 23%, NOx by up to 35%, Particle matter by 24% and Smoke by up to 50%.

Importantly we are also a member of ‘Low-City’ which is an industry led programme that is helping the freight and fleet sector lead the way in improving air quality and reducing carbon emissions.  This means we are up-to-date with the latest industry developments to help drive down our impact and potential pollution.

Our commitments don’t stop there. We also have our first Electric lorry on order (that is being developed with ground breaking technology of Teeva – which we will be joining our fleet in 2019.

We are also proud of all our environmental commitments. Here’s a reminder of what else we do:-

  • We turn Waste into Green Energy – Every drop of waste cooking oil collected is turned into Biofuel. 
  • 1st and only Carbon Neutral Cooking oil and delivery business – All your collection and deliveries will be ‘beyond carbon neutral’. As well as reducing our carbon footprint wherever we can,  we also offset carbon by investing in green energy and planting tree’s with the Woodland trust.
  • Zero Waste to Landfill policy  This means that any non-oil waste that results from your collections will, like the rest of our waste, be sorted, segregated, and where possible recycled.
  • We operate on 100% renewable energy. Since 2016, Proper Oils has been using 100% renewable electricity, sourced from Good Energy, which means all admin tasks related to your account would be sustainably fuelled.

Call us if you are looking for a sustainable and independent cooking oil supplier call us on 03330 160 160 or feel free to message us . 

Proper Oils Cooking Oil
Proper Oils operating the Proper Way
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