How we recycle your waste cooking oil packaging

Cooking Oil packaging – cardboard & plastic – baled ready for recycling

Yes, we recycle your waste cooking oil. But that isn’t the only thing we recycle. We are happy to also take away your old tin, box and plastic packaging that contained your fresh oil for recycling – so you don’t have to worry about how to get rid of it.

We’re 100% focused on recycling at Proper Oils with our zero-waste-to-landfill policy.

Plastics and metal recycling

Once your plastic oil bottles and metal oil drums or tins are drained of oil, they move into our recycling zone before being crushed in the respective balers. We send 640kg of metal per week for smelting – that’s more than 30 tonnes of metal a year. Meanwhile, 800kg of plastic is recycled a week from oil packaging, or 40 tonnes of plastic per year.

Cardboard recycling

Likewise, all cardboard packaging that surrounded your cooking oil plastic or tin is crushed, and placed in a separate baler. We recycle 300kg of cardboard packaging a week, or 15 tonnes annually.

General waste

Our general waste that can’t be recycled is picked up by Simply Waste, a waste management company guaranteeing a zero-to-landfill service. We generate one 1100-litre wheelie bin of unrecyclable waste every week, and Simply Waste sends this to a Waste to Energy facility that turns it into power, contributing to powering more than 100,000 London homes.

If your business is focusing on sustainability, your oil packaging is in safe hands – we make sure it all gets recycled. Every last scrap.

To book a waste cooking oil collection, or find out more about Proper Oils’ services, please call us on 020 8894 9476, email us on or simply fill in our form.  

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