What is biodiesel?

What is biodiesel?

This is a fuel created from refining used cooking oil.

The diesel which you buy at the pump has 5% biodiesel mixed in by law.

Using biodiesel made from waste vegetable oils is one of the greenest ways to power your diesel engines as you are using a fuel made from waste. Proper Oils ensures that 100% of the waste vegetable oil which we collect is recycled and refined into biodiesel.

What are the benefits of using biodiesel?

  • It minimises your carbon emissions – as your fuel is made from ‘waste’ oil.
  • It reduces harmful emissions which improves air quality.

How does it work?

The waste cooking oil is refined into biodiesel by a process called ‘transesterification’. This changes the molecular structure so that it behaves like mineral diesel refined from hydrocarbon oils. To use biodiesel, you do NOT need to modify your vehicle – you use it as you would use normal diesel fuel.

Find out more about your used cooking oil’s journey to be a green fuel

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