Sewer blocked by large Pooh (and cooking oil)

Screengrab of BBC webpage on blocked Scottish sewers story

Who would have thought that a story about cooking oil and blocked sewers in Scotland would be the most read and shared on the BBC yesterday.

Among the numerous discarded nappies and cotton buds, one of the more bizarre items to combine with discarded cooking fats in the Scottish Water sewage system was, unbelievably, a Winnie the Pooh soft toy.

The odd mobile phone dropped down the loo is probably an accident, but the routine disposing of nappies and baby wipes down there must really be reconsidered, so good on Scottish Water for publicising the problem. They are currently running an awareness campaign to help people understand what their careless actions mean. Not only are they trying to change minds about what else goes down the lav, but also to discourage people throwing waste oil down the kitchen sink.

We can all take responsibility for our waste. It’s a shame we don’t collect cooking oil in Scotland yet, otherwise we could have offered to set up our community recycling scheme for household waste cooking oil.

If you’re a householder concerned about environmental issues like these, you can set up a community recycling point for you and your neighbours to recycle your waste oil. If you’re a business who needs waste cooking oil collected in London and the South of England please get in touch with Proper Oils to organise a collection. You could even become the local recycling point for your customers through our community scheme.

Get involved in Unblocking the Community. It’s a great way to ensure your drains and sewers remain Pooh free.

image: BBC
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