Spring is here – it’s a great time to collect waste cooking oil

Spring is the perfect time ollect waste cooking oil

It is everyone’s favourite time of year here at Proper Oils.

The oil collection team appreciate the daylight earlier in the mornings, as most of our vehicles leave the yard at 5am to miss the worst of the morning traffic.

For the team who work in the yard processing the cooking oil, spring provides the perfect temperature – getting warmer, but not uncomfortably hot for physically demanding work.

The admin team in the office enjoy it too. Abi, who works in the office, says she “enjoys having the problem of too much sunlight reflecting on my computer screen as the sun gets higher in the sky. Great after a long winter”.

Enjoy the spring sunshine (and the April showers which are inevitable), and if you’ve got waste cooking oil to collect get in touch on 020 8894 9476 to have your oil collected by a very cheerful team, sure to have a spring in their step.


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