Still disposing of cooking oil down the drain?

vegetable oil poured down drainStop now.  It’s illegal.  It’s wasteful.  It stuffs up your drains and everyone else’s sewers.  We can provide you with a solution, simply call Proper Oils on 020 8894 9476.

In the last week, Proper Oils has been contacted by two commercial caterers who had been pouring their waste cooking oil down the drain!  Both restaurants now have a solution and receive a regular used cooking oil collection.

Proper Oils can provide you with a free collection service, or if are producing larger quantities of cooking oil (over 100 litres each collection), we can pay you for it.

It doesn’t even matter if you only produce a couple of litres a week, we can provide you with a free storage container so you can save up enough oil to qualify for a collection.

Give us a call on 020 8894 9476, or email, and we can provide a green solution for your used vegetable oil and any waste animal fat.  Your oil will be recycled into biofuel.  So don’t pour it down the drain illegally, dispose of it properly, with Proper Oils.

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