5 ways to store large volumes of waste cooking oil

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For some caterers, a couple of barrels just doesn’t cut it in the used cooking oil storage stakes. If you need to store a large quantity of used cooking oil, here’s how we can help you

Need to store more than 300 litres of used cooking oil at any point? If storage is a big issue, we could come and collect more often. But remember that the more oil we pick up, the more we can pay. If you’d like to avoid more frequent collections and have the space, here are the different kinds of storage container available that suit large volumes:

1. An Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC)

These large containers come in two volume capacities: 1000 litres, measuring 1200 x 1000mm (standard pallet size) or 600 litres, measuring 1200 x 800mm (European pallet size). These are our largest ready-made storage containers and they’re well-loved among some of our higher-volume customers, for example food manufacturers, production kitchens, racecourses, and hotel and restaurant chains.

The IBC also works particularly well for businesses that prefer to transfer their oil from individual kitchens to a central location – it keeps storage areas beside the kitchens clear.

We can collect the cooking oil stored in the IBC in one of two ways – we can either forklift the full IBC into our lorry, and replace it with an empty one; or we can pump the oil from the IBC. For the latter, remember we would need to park our lorry a maximum of 7 metres from the IBC.

The picture below shows an IBC and barrels.  Front row from left to right: 120-litre barrel, 150-litre barrel, IBC.

intermediate bulk container for storing large quantities of used cooking oil
2. A custom-made tank

If you need to store more than 1000 litres, we can arrange for a secure, bunded, lockable tank to be built especially for you.

The design allows used cooking oil to be poured in by different caterers or kitchen staff. But because it is fitted with a lockable cap, your oil is stored securely.

You can even choose to have the tank fitted with a remote sensor, which would gauge the volume of oil within and alert us when it needs to be emptied. It means collections can be arranged automatically – you wouldn’t even need to pick up a phone!

3. Wheeled bins

If an IBC isn’t quite right for your professional kitchen, you may prefer our 100-litre wheeled bins. One customer, Wembley Stadium, likes this option as it means their team can wheel bins around the stadium to each fryer to collect the oil. And as the bins stay clean and smart even while being used to collect oil, they can be wheeled through public and corporate areas too. Find out more about our wheeled bins.

Bins for used cooking oil collection for Proper Oils

4. The original oil drums

Do you need to collect oil from different on-site caterers and transfer it to a different collection location? Or is the oil stored downstairs in a cellar? You may prefer to store the oil in the 20-litre drums or plastic containers that the fresh oil arrived in. We work with Heathrow Airport, and collect many thousands of litres of waste cooking oil a week from them in this way.

5. Barrels

Another high-volume option is to simply use barrels – in any number and combination. They’re available in different sizes – 150 litres, 120 litres, 60 litres and 30 litres – so there is always something that will suit your storage needs. Some of our hotel customers have chosen this solution.

Whatever your choice, we want to make storing your used cooking oil easier for you, so if we can help, or we haven’t solved your particular storage problems, please get in touch.

Storing from 60 to 300 litres of used cooking oil? Read 6 things to think about before you choose your used cooking oil storage container.

To discuss your storage containers or order a used cooking oil collection, call us on 0208 894 9476fill in our form or email info@properoils.co.uk

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