6 tips for your used cooking oil collections when you have very little storage space

professional cooks slicing lemons and peppersSome chefs and caterers we work with have a very specific problem – a shortage of storage space for their waste cooking oil.

In areas of central London, the rents are at such a premium that every centimetre of space is accounted for – leaving no obvious spot for storing their used cooking oil.

Our mobile caterer or events caterer customers have a lack of storage space for a different reason – they may not have a permanent site in that location.

Despite this, you are still required by law to store your used cooking oil until a licensed collector, like Proper Oils, is able to pick it up for you. Here’s how we can help if space is an issue:

1. Look beyond the normal storage areas

If all available space is already taken up with dining tables, kitchen preparation space or other types of storage, it’s time to be a little imaginative for your waste cooking oil …

How about a cupboard under the stairs? Or could you clear some space under a kitchen counter? We have central London customers who store their used cooking oil in these areas. But you may also find another nook or cranny that could work for you.

Container options for tight spots include storing your used oil in the drums that your fresh oil came in, or alternatively trying our smallest barrels, which measure 52cm high by 31cm wide, and each take a volume of 30 litres.

As long as you can gain access to your storage space easily – and we don’t have to turn into Houdini to collect it – we don’t mind where you store it.

2. Set a date for an oil collection

If you know that your oil bins or barrels will be full on a particular weekday in advance, give us a ring and schedule that particular date for your collection.

This solution works really well for events caterers operating out of a temporary venue, like a park or stately home – it means you can arrange your oil collection for the clearing-up day at the venue.

 3. Book more frequent collections

For some of our customers with limited space, we can simply come once or twice a week rather than fortnightly or monthly. For example, we have rounds operating daily in central London to help our chefs and caterers there keep their kitchens efficient.

 4. Order a fresh cooking oil delivery as well as a collection

If you can store your used oil in the empty fresh oil tins and plastics, here’s another tip to maximize your storage space – book a delivery of new, fresh cooking oil from us. We’ll collect your waste cooking oil and deliver your fresh oil at the same time, so you’ll only ever need to store the same number of tins – no more, no less.

 5. Find a secure storage place for your oil in your yard or garden

If there’s no space inside your kitchen or storage area, try looking outside. A spot within your garden or yard may be a good solution – as long as it can’t be seen from the pavement or path. However, it’s important that it remains locked and secure and is sited within your perimeter fence because used cooking oil can get stolen.

If there’s no obvious solution, and the oil storage would be accessible to all, let us know as we can arrange high-security storage for you, like a made-to-measure locker that will fit your space as in the picture below.

6. Go central 

If you’re a mobile caterer or are an events caterer operating out of a fixed venue, like a museum or gallery, you may be able to pour your used cooking oil into a centrally-located bin or barrel, secured by the location managers.

If you prefer to work with us on a one-to-one basis, we are also happy to collect from individual catering units in street markets. Give us a ring and we’ll put you on a scheduled delivery.

To discuss your storage options or order a used cooking oil collection, call us on 0208 894 9476 or fill in our form.


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