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5 ways a grease trap can help your food business and prevent fatbergs

Grease trap grille

Remember the Whitechapel fatberg? Not one of the food outlets in the nearby street had a working grease trap to catch fats, oils and grease from entering the sewage system, according to a survey by Thames Water. Here’s how a

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The monster fatberg reminding us to recycle waste cooking oil

Monster fatberg in Whitechapel

The recent news about the ‘monster’ fatberg in the sewers of east London is a startling – and rather grisly – reminder of why we shouldn’t pour used cooking oil down the drain.

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Why should you recycle your professional kitchen’s used cooking oil?

Pipe clogged with fat

Think just a little bit of used cooking oil, animal fat, grease and food scraps poured down the drain can’t hurt? Find out why it’s better for your business, the community and the environment to recycle your cooking oil.

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Hounslow, a fatberg hot spot

London Borough of Hounslow

The London borough of Hounslow has been shamed as a fatberg hotspot. Local news website getwestlondon.co.uk recently published an article showing grim photographs of the consequences of throwing the wrong things down our drains, forming the obstructions perfectly described as fatbergs. Sanitary items, wet wipes –

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Don’t feed the fatberg

Bin it logo from Thames Water

This is a taster of the Thames Water infographic explaining what we should be flushing down the loo and pouring down the drain as part of their ‘Bin it – don’t block it’ campaign. Cooking fats, along with household items such as wet

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