6 things to think about before you choose your used cooking oil storage containers for your professional kitchen

If your work requires you to manage the used cooking oil created in a professional kitchen, you may find this guide of interest.

Many of our chefs, caterers and waste managers pour the waste cooking oil back into their empty oil tins or plastic containers.

If this storage is working efficiently for your business, that’s great. You’ll save the cost of recycling the drums, while making collections easy for our driver.

However, many of our customers have been moving away from storing their used oil in this way – particularly those producing high volumes.

One reason is that the drums can clutter up your kitchen or storage area. Another is that it’s easy to lose their lids – this can cause oil spill problems in your kitchen, while making it difficult for us to transport them safely.

We have a solution – to store your oil in a specially-designed Proper Oils bin or barrel, as shown in the picture above, which we’re happy to lend you for free.

Each has been designed with the demands of storing used cooking oil in a professional kitchen in mind – so they’re securely sealed and easy to handle with sturdy lids.

If you choose one of these options, we will simply take away your full bin or barrel when we come to collect your used cooking oil, and replace it with a cleaned, empty one. We can obviously supply however many you need.

Here are some points to think about when making your choice:

  1. How much used cooking oil do you produce every week?

Think about the volumes of used cooking oil you produce each week and multiply that by the number of weeks between our visits.

You can then choose the container size that will best work for your volumes and floor space.

An oil drum or plastic container takes 20 litres, while our barrels come in the following volume sizes: 30 litres, 60 litres, 120 litres or 150 litres. A wheeled bin has a capacity of 100 litres.

2. Do you need help recycling your tins or plastics?

Store your used cooking oil in the empty drums or plastic containers that the fresh oil came in. We take them away with us, empty them and recycle them responsibly back at Proper Oils HQ as part of our zero-waste-to-landfill policy. This saves you money on disposal costs and frees space in your recycling bins as you won’t have bulky oil drums or plastic containers taking up room in there.

Bear in mind that we are only able to do this if your oil drums or plastics are used to store waste cooking oil – if you store your used oil in barrels or wheeled bins, we can’t recycle your empties.


3. Do our delivery drivers need to access stairs to reach your storage area?

If your oil storage area is only accessible by stairs, you’ll need either a 20-litre drum or plastic container, or a 30-litre or 60-litre barrel. We can’t carry the wheeled bins or large barrels up or down stairs.

4. Is your storage area accessible from the ground floor or is there a lift that will transport a large storage container?

Take your pick from any of our containers.

5. Do you find lots of used cooking oil drips and spills on your kitchen floor?

Try using a wheeled bin. Rather than carrying the waste oil across the floor – and having to mop up the slops – you just wheel the bin to the fryer for more efficient emptying. Find out more about using our wheeled oil bins.

6. Remember that the more waste cooking oil we collect, the more we pay you

It’s far more efficient for us to collect large volumes of cooking oil less frequently – which is why we pay more, the more you produce.

Think about the size of storage container you can realistically keep safe on site, how many you would need and how long you could store them.

At the end of the day, it’s completely your choice which container you choose. Just pick something that will make your jobs easier!

If you need to store 300 litres or more, read: 5 ways to store high volumes of waste cooking oil

If you’d like to discuss your storage containers or order a used cooking oil collection, call us on 0208 894 9476, fill in our form or email info@properoils.co.uk


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