Whether you want to help reduce carbon emissions, or if you think it is a great initiative, or if your annoyed by your neighbors blocking your drains with their oil, it’s easy to get more involved


Spread the Word

Tell your friends and neighbours so they can avoid blocked drains too!

Talk to others

Tell your friends, your neighbours, and all the people you meet up with, about this scheme – how it solves a problem for you and the benefits for themselves and the wider environment.

Shout about it online

Share our page on with your friends on Facebook / Google+ / Twitter. Keep up-to-date with our news, and via Twitter, we can keep up with your news

Tell people that you are recycling the used cooking oil which you produce.

Why not put a post on Facebook or Google+ or Twitter saying “We’re recycling our house’s used cooking oil. Why don’t you do it to?”.

I joined Unblocking the Community to recycle my waste cooking oil. Why don’t you get involved at”

“My community is recycling its household waste cooking oil. I’m saving my cooking oil to help save my drains / the sewers / the planet”

or “Saving my drains and saving the planet @UCOhero” or “My waste cooking oil gets turned into biodiesel @UCOhero @properoils”.

Give a lending hand

Help others recycle their used cooking oil. Why not take a container for recycling for less mobile members of the community, such as your elderly neighbours. You can even set up your own collection point – its easy – by becoming a Champion


Think you can do more?

Click here to find out how you can spread the word and become a UTC Champion.

Join in the Conversation.

And remember, you can share the photos, videos and experiences of your collection point to help others get the idea of how Unblocking the Community is working in your area.