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It’s easy to recycle your waste cooking oils & fats, plus it will save you money


It's really easy. Just store the oil and fat you produce in everyday cooking in a container, seal it with a tight-fitting lid and take it down to your local collection point. Put it in the used cooking oil collection bin. That's it!


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What type of oil can I recycle?

All types of cooking oil and fat – both used vegetable oil and animal fats. Some examples include:
  • The oil you use to shallow-fry papadums
  • The oil at the bottom of a jar of olives
  • The animal fat in your oven tin after roasting or baking meat
  • The oil from your deep-fat fryer
What we don’t want: please, please, please do NOT pour in engine / hydraulic/ fossil fuel oil. Also please don’t include any water or stock.

What type of container shall I use?

Normally, we recommend storing your oil in a 400g tin, like the one used for baked beans of tinned tomatoes. We can give you a tight-fitting plastic lid, so you can keep it in a convenient place, and transport it easily. It is metal so it's easy to store the hot oil in – you don’t have to wait, and can simply pour hot oil into the tin without the risk of the container melting. The tin will be recycled easily, and the plastic lid will be washed for reuse – which further increases the benefits of recycling your oil. If you have a deep fat fryer or produce lots of oil simply pour it back into the container which you buy the oil in once it's empty, put the lid back on, and drop it off in the container in the recycling centre as you would with a smaller container. The plastic lids that we provide for tins are designed to fit tightly. However, we recommend that the tin is put in a plastic bag when being dropped off at your collection site. You never know what might happen on your journey!

Why should I recycle?

Your drains won’t get blocked – which could save you money You won't have smelly, slow-running drains - no more messing around with plungers, or caustic chemicals It helps the wider environment – your recycled cooking oils and fats are turned into biodiesel, a renewable energy which helps to reduce carbon emissions You are helping to prevent your community's sewers from getting blocked, and reduce waste going to landfill


What happens if I don’t have a local collection point?

Set one up. It's an easy 4-step process – click here for more info

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Recycling waste cooking oils and fats is now well established for restaurants, canteens, and other commercial caterers. However nobody has succeeded in collecting waste cooking oil from domestic houses as everyone produces such a small amount of waste cooking oil at home. Unblocking the Community provides a solution so more people can recycle their cooking oils and fats easily.  Research suggests that in the UK, households produce 210,000 tonnes of waste cooking oils, fats and greases every year. Proper Oils have been finalists in NESTA's national 'Waste Reduction Challenge'.


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