Collecting waste cooking oil from Bestival festival

Bestival festival in Lulworth Castle, Dorset 2017Proper Oils recently collected the waste cooking oil from Bestival music festival, on the Lulworth Estate in Dorset.

With 35,000 visitors, four days of music, and food outlets galore – from steak to seafood and vegetarian delicacies – there was a lot to organise when it came to the clearing-up afterwards.

But recycling was top of the organisers’ minds, with Bestival’s waste management team, Critical Waste, hiring Proper Oils to collect the used cooking oil after the event.

Last week, we collected 40 tins and plastic containers, containing around 600 litres of waste cooking oil – with every drop destined to be recycled and refined into biodiesel.

What happens to the used cooking oil from Bestival?

After loading the barrels and tins onto the van, the Proper Oils driver drove the waste oil to our depot in Southall.

Here it entered our recycling system: first, the oil was checked and graded for quality. It was then cleaned to remove food debris, before being heated and finely filtered to meet the exact specifications required by the biodiesel refineries.

Once we were happy with the recycled oil, it was ready to be transported by tanker to the biodiesel refineries to go through the chemical process of ‘transesterification’ – or turning the oil into biodiesel. This green fuel is then blended with diesel to be sold on garage forecourts. Find out more about what happens to the used cooking oil you recycle.

Other recycling at Bestival

Used cooking oil isn’t the only waste resource recycled at Bestival.

The waste management team always aim to recycle as much of the rest of the festival’s waste as possible – including cardboard, glass, plastic bottles, tin cans, wood, metal and pallets. They also recycle the camping equipment left behind by festival-goers, like tents and sleeping bags. These are sent to charitable causes.

We’re so pleased to have been able to help Bestival and Critical Waste recycle their cooking oil, and be part of reducing the waste from this amazing event, turning it into valuable, green resources.

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