Used Cooking Oil Containers

If you use cooking oil for frying, you need to store your used cooking oil safely before it is collected.

Here’s a quick guide to how we can help find the perfect storage solution for your needs.

You may choose to store your restaurant’s used cooking oil in the containers in which you buy them, usually a 20 litre tin or plastic container.

Others ask us to supply a container which makes it easy to store and move the containers more easily.

If you produce lots of oil we can supply a big barrel or two, or three.

The smaller barrels are not only used for those producing a small amount of used cooking oil. For example, if you have stairs down to your kitchen and need something easier to carry, Proper Oils can supply smaller barrels rather than having to shift a heavy container about.

Lots of our customers have asked how big a barrel is compared to their storage area. Below is a picture of the different options we provide for your used cooking oil containers.  Each barrel and bin is shown against the outline of an average sized person so you can easily see how big each container is.

Cooking Oil Barrel and Bin Sizes

We offer 6 different sizes to suit different customers needs including:

30 litre barrel

height 52cm / 20’5″
width 31cm / 12″

60 litre barrel

height 63cm / 25″
width 39cm / 16″

120 litre barrel

height 80cm / 31’5″
width 50cm / 20″

150 litre barrel

height 97cm / 38″
width 50cm / 20″

If you have any more questions about what is the right storage solution for you, get in touch with our team today.

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