Waste Cooking Oil stolen?

Screen grab of BBC web page on cooking oil thieves

Is your waste cooking oil stolen by illegal cooking oil collectors? If so, call Proper Oils for a solution.

On Monday, the BBC reported on The secret world of the cooking oil thieves. Sadly, it’s a common story. Cooking oil theft has been a massive problem for caterers. The thieves obviously don’t care, often casusing damage to restaurant properties in their bid to steal the valuable used cooking oil. On our rounds we have been shown CCTV coverage of a team of four thieves who stole a full barrel of oil, over 100kg, and lifted it over a six foot wall!

If you are suffering the same problem, get in touch. Proper Oils provides a professional service to restaurants, hotels, and cafés to prevent their waste cooking oil being stolen. How? By finding a secure storage solution and collecting the waste cooking oil before your storage is too full. Customers can store their oil in tins or the plastic 20 litre containers in which it is supplied. Proper Oils can even provide a dedicated storage barrel in four different sizes to ensure it fits into your kitchen or locked store room.

Get in touch for more assistance and a specific solution to suit your catering business – info@properoils.co.uk or 020 8894 9476.

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