What environmental choices can you make this week?

When the week starts with #Earth Day , protests continue for environmental reform and millions of people take heed of David Attenborough warning about the potential climate apocalypse? 

There is environmental hope ! At Proper Oils we know it all starts with making the right sustainable changes however small.

It’s important to think about the choices you make whether that’s the businesses you partner with or the suppliers you buy from.   

The first question you should ask. Are they making the right choices environmentally and sustainability?      

At Proper Oils we are very aware of these responsibilities. Whether we print on recycled paper or source our energy from a sustainable Green Energy source. These choices only cost a small amount more but it’s the core value of our business to make the right environmental choice over saving money.

Our business is founded on environmental principles of creating a circular economy for cooking oil and therefore creating green energy from waste.

Proper Oils Cooking Oil
Proper Oils Cooking Oil Circular Economy

So please this week take a moment to think about what you could do differently as an individual or a business. Especially when you are thinking about who you work with and buy from.

Here are the key actions we have taken over the past 12 years. We are proud of these environmental actions we have made. What changes can you make?  

Proper Oils is an independent company created with green values at its heart:- 

  • We turn Waste into Green Energy. Every drop of waste cooking oil collected is turned into Biofuel. 
  • 1st and only Carbon Neutral Cooking oil and delivery business. All your collection and deliveries will be ‘beyond carbon neutral’. As well as reducing our carbon footprint wherever we can. We also offset carbon by investing in green energy and planting tree’s with the Woodland trust.
  • Our lorries are all low emission. We operate to the latest #ULEZ emission standards. We are a member of Lo-City to improve air quality and reduce carbon emissions. Our first Electric Lorry is on order too !
  • Zero Waste to Landfill policy. This means that any non-oil waste that results from collections will, like the rest of our waste, be sorted, segregated, and where possible recycled.
  • We operate on 100% renewable energy. Since 2016, Proper Oils has been using 100% renewable electricity, sourced from Good Energy, which means all admin tasks are sustainably fuelled.
  • Our expertise in this area. With over 12 years of experience we can help maximise your recycling and waste management initiatives helping our customers meet their sustainability targets.
  • London Living Wage Employer. We have a great team delivering a 5 star service and pay them over and above the London Living Wage.
  • We are  ISCC approved & FORS accredited.

So please contact us if you are looking for a environmental and sustainable independent cooking oil supplier call us on 03330 160 160 or feel free to message us . 

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