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We’re now the used cooking oil collection suppliers for Considerate Hoteliers – sustainability consultants serving the hotel and hospitality industry. And, understandably, we’re rather chuffed.

They’ve had their pick of all the used cooking oil collection and recycling businesses working with hotels in London and the South of England – but they selected us. It means we’re the only waste cooking oil collection business on their suppliers list who they’ll be recommending to their clients in these areas.

Benedetta Cassinelli, partner and business development director of Considerate Hoteliers, explained their choice. “Proper Oils is Considerate Hoteliers’ preferred used cooking oil collection supplier because we feel they can best support our clients and members in this area of responsible business practice within the hospitality industry, whilst also offering a top-class service,” she said.

“They’re a great fit with the responsible hospitality business ethos of Considerate Hoteliers.”

Sharing a goal

To celebrate, we thought we’d tell you a little about them, and why we agreed that working with them would be a good fit for Proper Oils.

First, we are working towards the same goal: to help hospitality businesses reduce their environmental impact.

Considerate Hoteliers does this by helping their clients make cost and environmental savings – for example, via advising on a sustainable data management system and setting up a corporate social responsibility strategy.

They also lead on those small things that make a big difference when it comes to green energy savings – like fixing dripping taps and installing movement sensors for light activation in low use rooms. And, of course, they encourage their clients to introduce sustainable collections of their used cooking oil.

And second, we think our membership could be pretty helpful to the chefs and caterers we work with. For example, through Considerate Hoteliers, it will be far easier for our customers to find other suppliers pursuing the same responsible agenda.

To book a used cooking oil collection, or find out more about how Proper Oils can help you, email info@properoils.co.uk, fill in our enquiry form or call 0208 894 9476.

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