Looking for waste cooking oil collections for your hotel?

Are you a chef or manager needing more efficient used cooking oil recycling for your hotel? We can help.

Proper Oils provides five-star used cooking oil collections to hotels in London and the South of England. We offer:

  • High levels of service, efficiency and reliability, and all at competitive prices
  • Sustainability – 100% of the used cooking oil we collect is refined into biodiesel. Our work is driven by our green, eco values, which in turn helps you to run a more sustainable kitchen
  • Legal and safe collections – we provide our customers with documentation to prove that you are recycling your used cooking oil responsibly
  • Storage solutions to help you manage your waste cooking oil more efficiently
  • Flexible collections to suit the needs of your business

Experience in the hotel and hospitality industry

We have a wide experience of collecting used cooking oil from hotels, with customers including Pennyhill Park, Four Seasons Hotel Hampshire and St Ermin’s Hotel, London.

This year, we are proud to be working with Considerate Hoteliers – sustainability consultants serving the hotel and hospitality industry – as their recommended used cooking oil collection supplier.

“We feel Proper Oils can best support our clients and members in this area of responsible business practice within the hospitality industry, whilst also offering a top-class service. They’re a great fit with the responsible hospitality business ethos of Considerate Hoteliers.” Benedetta Cassinelli, partner and business development director of Considerate Hoteliers

Find out about our work with Considerate Hoteliers.

We’re also the chosen cooking oil collector for top restaurants, including Hawksmoor, Blacklock and Jamie Oliver’s Fifteen, as well as catering locations, like Wembley Stadium and Heathrow Airport.

Storage options

If your chief problem is just where to store your used cooking oil, we can help – we offer bins or barrels in different sizes to suit your space and premises, from 30 litres to 150 litres capacity. 

Fresh cooking oil delivery service

Need new cooking oil for your hotel kitchens too? No problem. We can deliver your favourite fresh cooking oil when we collect your waste oil. Just ring us on 020 8894 9476 for a quote.

Here’s what our customers say

“Sustainability is a really important part of what we do at Hawksmoor so finding a company that recycles our oil in an efficient manner is a very important part of who we choose to supply us. Proper Oils staff are easy to deal with, efficient, quick to respond and happy to help. Nothing is ever too much trouble.”
Phillip Branch, head chef at Hawksmoor Guildhall restaurant

“The collection and delivery service is excellent with Proper Oils, and so is the price. We’re very happy with them.” Mirek Dawid, head chef at Blacklock restaurants

“At Wembley Stadium, we require flexibility, efficiency and excellent communication skills from our waste cooking oil collectors, and are delighted that Proper Oils delivers on these points every time.” Rojina Brooks, group manager of Wembley Stadium

To book a used cooking oil collection or find out more about how Proper Oils can help you, email info@properoils.co.uk, fill in our enquiry form or call 020 8894 9476.

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